The COB HORTICULTURE series from Citizen Electronics is a line of LED COB (Chip On Board) lights specifically designed for horticulture. It offers an optimal light spectrum for all stages of growth, with a special saturation in the blue and red wavelengths to achieve the highest photosynthetic rate and natural morphogenesis. This is achieved through the large root mass and opening of stomata to promote CO2 uptake, as well as balancing the distance between nodes and coinciding with one of the chlorophyll absorption peaks. The majority of energy consumed is used in the red 650-680nm range, the photosynthetic zone of the spectrum, but attention is also paid to the distant red 700-730nm range to increase the Emmerson effect and make the plant’s two photosystems work in tandem. The spectrum also includes a photosynthetic rate similar to blues due to its ability to affect the chloroplasts in the mesophyll of the leaf, where blues and reds are not able to reach as they are strongly absorbed by the chlorophylls of the leaf surface. The blue/green ratio is 1.34, the red/blue ratio is 3.15, and the red/distant red ratio is 6.71.

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