Spannabis 2018

This year, together with Spannabis​, the third edition of the World Cannabis Conferences will be held at the Auditorio de Cornellá. This will be undertaken with the assistance of high-ranking individuals from the fields of science, medicine and politics, as well as relevant members of the cannabis culture.

Lumilight Led grow will present their brand new top performance Led products for your crop on March 9th, 10th and 11th in Stand 241​. A setting we will show that using LED on your crop is the best option for any breeder, due to all advantages that offers: minimum heat emissions, maximum power savings, a bigger and better yield and a very long lifespan that makes HPS and LEC systems pale in comparison.

Lumilight Led grow has always been innovating. We are the first national manufacturing company that use the groundbreaking Citizen Horticulture series and the first to dramatically slash the prices of COB fixtures. We know the future of lighting and horticulture is on LEDS, we believe in our product and we want to share with you all everything we have learned.

We understand the importance of continuity, Lumilight Led grow is a brand of Lumilight​, a company with more than 10 years of experience in special lightning for the food industry, commerce and factories, assembling light fixtures in Spain since 2012, and researching and assembling horticulture LED fixtures since 2015. We will be in the future for you to cover our 3-year guarantee period, or to provide you with new components once this has expired.

Following our innovative line, we will also offer you brand new chips coming to the market. You do not need to buy a new lamp or fixture every 3 or 5 years. You will be able to update your lamp, if you like. Lumilight Led grow provides in its website each and every component in our fixtures, so you can assemble it yourself, too.

We know breeders love our COB fixtures, and we also know that the main objection most breeders had was the higher price compared to LEC and HPS systems. As we mentioned before, in our mission to share our results and extend even more LED growing, we have slashed our prices, making constant promotions and sales in our fixtures. We can affirm we are one of the top-quality manufacturers with the best prices in the Spanish, European and American market.

The performance and efficiency of the new horticulture series chips are impressive. Plants absolutely love those spectrums. Our own grow diaries and our most accomplished customers have confirmed us a yield between 1,6 and 1,8 grams per watt in soil. If we talk about expert hands, pruning and trimming techniques or growing in other mediums like coco or Hydroponics, we can easily talk of 2 grams per watt.

The amazing efficiency of this new chips, such a long lifespan of more than 40.000 hours, its superb European manufacturing and our will to keep the prices down makes Lumilight Led grow​ the right choice for your investment.

And last but not least, we want to highlight that in the very same Spannabis stand, to promote our products, we will offer the first 100 units at rock-bottom prices so you can take home one of the most revolutionary LED products on the cannabis world